The main project objective is the specification and design of models and solutions for an efficient provisioning of context-based services making use of active networks on top of fixed and mobile infrastructure. This entails the following objectives:

1)      Mechanisms for the definition, exchange and acquisition of contextual information.

2)      Mechanisms for creating and provisioning context sensitive services.

3)      A policy-based framework for service activation, including configuration of the relevant servers.

4)      The enforcement of monitoring policies for SLA management.

5)      The enhancement of active network technology in order to provide efficient delivery of context based services especially in the mobile network environment.

6)      The specification and development of APIs for network programmability purposes.

 The project will start facing the problem of the characterization of context for services like VoIP MoIP, etc. Several models will we reviewed and an appropriate solution that may entail the modification or the combination of existing approaches will be proposed. The characterisation of this type of information will allow us to refine a high level system architecture spanning through three layers, namely: the Service Plane, the Active Network Plane and the IP Plane. Once the services are characterised and the platform for their delivery is properly specified, we will start with the design and implementation of the appropriate components. Although there are several ways for classification, its worthy to mention that two main categories of such components are envisaged, namely the service components properly said and the management components. This classification stresses the fact that management will be specially considered as a mechanism for a reliable service delivery. As the solution proposed in CONTEXT is believed that will be combined with the Active Networks technology, the next step will be the review of this technology to identify how to adapt it properly to our main goal. This might include the upgrade of an existing AN platform in both the data plain and the management plain, including the development of API for the underlying technology (IP) programming. The validation of the solution and prototypes will be the last step in the work to be covered in this project. This validation will involve the testbeds of several partners.